Signplicity is the project of Lago Film Fest dedicated to the promotion of the cinema in Sign language, which can also be enjoyed by deaf audiences.

Launched in 2020 from the need to make the festival more and more inclusive, the project Signplicity, through the scouting activity carried out by a group of young researchers, opens the festival to a marginalized cinematography, by setting the goal of raising awareness and making people reflect on the difficulties related to the production and usability of cinema in sign language.

The output of the 2021 project is configured with a special focus on deaf culture and sign language that includes 7 short films in 6 different sign languages, meetings and workshops that aim to bring the public closer to such an important issue, through the discovery and appreciation of a kind of cinematography too often ghettoized. Cinema in sign language has finally found fertile ground in Lago where it can be enhanced, promoted and disseminated to a national and international audience.

The selection:


How to Capture Your Movie / Charlie Ainsworth / Documentary / USA / 2020 / 3′


Here/Not Here / Bim Ajadi / Fiction / UK / 2020 / 29’


Deaf Love / Michele Bertini Malgarini / Fiction / Italy / 2019 / 15’


Morning Dreams Come True / Sirshendu Chaudhuri / Fiction / India /  2020 / 7’


Moha / Bastien Bouillon / Fiction / France / 2020 / 22’


C.O.D.A. / Veru Rodriguez / Fiction / Spain / 2018 / 7’


Love is Blind / Dan Hodgson / Fiction / UK / 2015 / 7’