Born in 2016 to investigate the sound landscape in which the festival is immersed, the LOST project has evolved over the years, focusing more and more attention on the relationship, as complex as it is fascinating and mysterious, between sound and images, inseparable components of filmic storytelling.

The suggested activities and paths aim to better understand the interaction between the visual and sound dimensions, considering both the point of view of the artists and professionals who create them, and the mainly emotional approach of the public that experience it.

The sound moment, therefore, is part of the identity of the project but does not exhaust it, since the focus is on the greater value that the flow of sounds and music can produce – and receive – as a result of the symbiosis with moving images.

The Prize

The L.O.S.T. is awarded to the best original music for film chosen from a selection of short films in competition in the National sections and, starting this year, Veneto.

There will also be a mention for the best sound design.

The designating jury, specialized and dedicated to the project, is made up of professionals who participate in various capacities in the creation of the soundtrack in the cinematographic work (composers of soundtracks, musicians, sound engineers, sound designers, artistic producers, etc.).

This year will include: Taketo Gohara (record producer, sound engineer, sound designer), Angelo Bonanni (sound engineer, sound engineer) and Roberto Angelini (musician, composer, songwriter).


During the days of the festival, the members of the L.O.S.T. they lend themselves to offer training opportunities aimed primarily at professionals, in which they share their professionalism in the specific field of composition, performance and sound and music production for cinema and audiovisuals.

Academy L.O.S.T.

Over the years there have been various members of the L.O.S.T. jury, including: artists/ professionals in the sector (Federico Savina, Nicola Tescari, Stefano Lentini, Johann Merrich, Sara Loreni, Giulio Ragno Favero, Lorenzo Tomio, Max Viale).

All of these have accepted to be part of the Academy L.O.S.T., a permanent thought group, which is a point of reference for the project’s initiatives, in the specific field of themes relating to film music and soundtracks.

Lago Live Music

L.O.S.T. promotes performances in which the original musical proposal is accompanied by the visual one, through soundtracks, presentation of visuals or unpublished collaborations between visual artists and musicians, under the banner of artistic interaction, contamination and experimentation.