Matías Piñeiro: special screening

Juror of the International Competition 2022, the director Matías Piñeiro will introduce himself to Lago Film Fest audience with a special screening of two of his short films.

Sycorax – Matías Piñeiro & Lois Patiño
POR/SPA / 2021 / 21’/ Fiction

direction: Lois Patiño & Matías Piñeiro

screenplay: Lois Patiño & Matías Piñeiro

DoP: Mauro Herce

music: Henry Purcell

sound design: Pedro Marinho

cast: Agustina Muñoz, Diana Diegues, Susana Abreu

Sycorax is the first character in Shakespeare’s “Tempest” to set foot on the island of the play. The problem is that she has no voice. She is barely mentioned by Prospero as a crooked, old, wicked witch who vilely locked Ariel, the spirit of the air, in a tree.

Una mujer silenciosa – Matías Piñeiro
ARG / 2002 / 21’/ Fiction

direction: Matías Piñeiro
screenplay: Matías Piñeiro
DoP: Fernando Lockett
sound design: Francisco Pedemonte, Mercedes Tennina
cast: Beatriz Spelzini, José Manuel Espeche, Eugenia Palioff

Una Mujer Silenciosa is the end-of-course academic film by Piñeiro, in which the author experiences the minimalist performance of its protagonist and the space of the house, claustrophobic and without references.

Matías Piñeiro works as a screenwriter and director. He has been developing “The Shakespeareads”, a cycle of films based on the female roles in Shakespeare’s comedies.

Lois Patiño is a filmmaker and artist, whose work is concerned with contemplative experience and the relationship between people and landscape. His works have been shown in many film festivals and art fairs.