The end credits are rolling, the screen turns dark. A final moment of silence before the lights come back on. It’s in that moment, before the last frames escape us completely, that the question begins to make its way through our thoughts. “What did you think?”, we ask, addressing not so much our seatmates as ourselves, a fleeting question that often remains suspended. Nisimazine, the critical branch of Nisi Masa, the European network for young cinema, steps in right there. Coming to Lago Film Fest for the fourth year in a row, Nisimazine will host a film criticism workshop that will challenge emerging

journalists and writers to ask one another – and themselves, too – “what did you think?”. Structured around daily editorial meetings, the workshop will see its participants pen reviews and in-focus articles, as well as curate a printed magazine, handed out daily as a chronicle and memento of the festival. Through words and images, the magazine is also an implicit invitation – aimed at every festival goer – to take part in the discussions and exchanges, answering the very “what did you think?” that’s at the basis of our workshop. Our apologies, seatmates.