A real piece of the world into a hyper-real event.

OUT TOO is a space filling, audio-visual installation with a corresponding 60 min concert in audio-surround. OUT TOO takes a look at a wildly romantic landscape of rocky edifices, forests and streams in the region of Krauchthal, through the lens of a semi-automatic eye. Origami-like images unfold to fill the space embedded in a sculptured sound-world, revealing a special piece of nature. Befitting, everything that can be discovered has developed from folded forms. Flower buds, wings, even the observer’s brain and his genes. The sounds recorded on-site, weave with the warm tones of actual and synthesised trumpets and celli. OUT TOO interacts with the venue and its architecture; it takes the common contemporary idea of ‘experience before experience’ to a new level in a virtual- design reality and transforms a real piece of the world into a hyper-real event. The concert OUT TOO, taking place under trees, is a real live experience.
OUT TOO is also a concert, taking place under trees in a separate location, a real live experience.The live sets interact with the installation and confront the hyper-real with the real.

Installation by Werner Hasler | the outer string, in collaboration with Hugo Ryser | optickle
Session by Werner Hasler (trumpet and electronics) and Carlo Niederhauser (cello)