Mangiamoci sopra
Research project of I.P.P.S.S.A.R. A.Beltrame By Carlo Migotto The research project “Mangiamoci sopra “ conceived by Carlo Migotto and Mattia Coletti (Ukrain.Mom production) and realized with 50 students of Istituto Alberghiero ‘A. Beltrame’ in Vittorio Veneto, concerns the concepts of Food / Cook / Eat in relationship to their cinema representation. From these points the students have been left free to choose themes and directions of search departing from their own cinema experiences, with the purpose to realize some videos obtained by the selection of film segments decontestualized from the original location to be replaced in another and functional context. They select, approaching freely (not therefore a simple collage) scenes or shots taken from the most disparate films; with commune denominator the thematic area of food/cook/eat.


Hair India
Realized by the same producers that last year won Lago Film Fest with documentary “Che Guevara. The body and the myth” (B&B Film, Filmtank, Earth, NDR, YLE Coproductions, Rai Trade, Art Cinema) with the direction of Raffaele Brunetti and Marco Leopardi, it is an important document on the globalization, also projected on television nets like Rai3. Directors of this documentary have also signed another important work entitled “La repubblica delle trombe “, shot in Serbia and this year also in the festival selection. Of same importance and quality, “Hair India” has not been admitted to the contest because out of maximum lenght.
The trip of the hair of a young Indian woman. Offered to the temple and then transformed in precious “hair extension” in Italy, same hair will return in India to satisfy the vanity of a woman in career in Bombay. A story about the cult of beauty in the era of globalization. A new patch of today’s India with its contradictions, among modernity, economic growth and millennial traditions.


The passenger night:
Directors write comics The Fumetti in TV association introduces “The Passenger Night: Directors Write the Comic strip”, an evening devoted to the most innovative italian comics independent project of the scene. The Passenger, born by the mind of the storyboarder Christian G. Marra, is a new way to make comic strip. Unpublished histories, written by active directors in the world of the cinema and the publicity, take life thanks to illustrators and comics writers of every school and extraction. A synergy of personality and visions that produces something ever seen before, like surreal poetry. Among the involved directors we quote Luca Merli, Lech Majewski, Chris Bartle, Piotr Sikora, Marcello Cesena. And among the draftsmen talents as Alessandro Baronciani, Matteo Cuccato, Manuele Fior, Lucia Mattioli, Claudio Cerri, Sergio Pochioni, Niccolò Storia and so many others. During the evening, will also be introduced the DVD “The Passenger Limited Editon” with short films on purpose realized for the project


Veneto Film Festival
VFF is an association born to promote cine festivals those take place in Veneto.
The meetings of the association permit to have a comparison of experiences and ideas, and then to improve the festivals’ quality, creating a much more extended events calendar throughout the year.
The partners are conscious of the fact that promoting Veneto’s cultural events, also increases the value of territory and tourism of the region, helping the cities’ local economy.
The association has just elected the new executive, leaded by Marco Rossitti. The main purpose for the next years is to enlarge the association’s net and communicative power, to make it a reference point to the Veneto Region, and to the rest of Italy.
Partners: Bassa in Corto, Cadore DOC Film Festival, Cinit, Euganea Movie Movement, Fiati Corti, Film Festival Premio Lessinia, Lago Film Fest, San Giò Festival, Venice&Video, Videoconcorso Francesco Pasinetti.


“Playing for change” Project
Playing For Change was born around eight years ago in the mind of Mark Johnson, important producer and sound technician of Saint Monica, California, thinking about the music as normal daily soundtrack, captured and recorded for roads, squares, parks and boulevards in its veracity, in a free and spontaneous dimension: street musicians. Mark Johnson and its team travel for five continents, from United States to South Africa, from Nepal to India and Middle East, from Europe to Jamaica, from the French District in New Orleans to the ramblas in Barcelona, recording and filming extraordinary musicians in an unbelievable, exciting, fusion of rhythms and sounds, with a project: to bring a message of peace through the universal language of the music and, through the Playing For Change Foundation, to furnish support to young people, in situations of social uneasiness, opening music school and helping fugitive Tibetans to live in foreign countries.
In 2008 the film “Playing For Change – Peace Through Music” is released and wins the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. On last April 28 it is released all over the world the CD+DVD distributed by Universal. The great project of Mark Johnson and of the Playing For Change staff goes on.
Arteritmi and Paul Luti are promoting, not only in Italy, through programs for schools, cultural circles and festivals, the contents of “Playing For Change” project.


Living with Palladio in XXI century
Multimedia competition for scholars For the commemoration of the birth of Andrea della Gondola, known as the Palladio, the Treviso Unicef Committee, in collaboration with Lago Film Fest, proposed a new competition for Italian schools named “Vivere con Palladio nel XXI secolo”.
By the creation of a video, a picture or any other multimedia tool, participants represented the subject Living the time of Palladio. Discovering the Italian Rinascimento or playing with the architectural universe of Palladio.
The aim of the competition, sustained by Banca Di Credito Cooperativo Trevigiano, has been to improve cinematographic creativity of the students and find the light at the end of the tunnel with the easiness of the cinematographic medium.