As we said in Italy in 1977 “A laughter will bury you!”, well, we will bury us more than willingly. They know it really well the selectors of festivals: it’s not so difficult to find a tragedy well done. Different it’s when you are looking for a comedy, something that makes you laughing a lot for real: it will be a miracle to find it. Waiting for next world disaster, let’s just enjoy this nice selection of comedies from the previous editions of Concorto Film Festival.

Concorto Film Festival is a no-profit organization based on the voluntary work of 30 people, supported by public institutions and private sponsors. The festival is 12 years old and takes place every year since 2001 at Parco Raggio, a beautiful park in Pontenure, province of Piacenza. This year more than 3000 short films have been submitted. The short films in the competition are no longer than 20 minutes. From 3000 short films around 80 of them are selected for the final screening.

Concorto Film Festival 2013 will be held from 24th to 31st of August.

Seggio 17 /Meriggi, Ceccarelli / Italia / 2005 / 3’
Human paper recycler / Alessandro Perini / Italia / 2008 / 1’15’’
Il caso Ordero / Marzio Mirabella / Italia / 2007 / 19’24’’
Chump and Clump / M. Hern, S.Sacher / Germania / 2008 / 11’
I love Luci / C. Kennedy / Regno Unito / 2009 / 12’30’’
Man in a room / R.P. Illingworth / USA / 2010 / 7’
La Guerisonlouis / T. Pelletier / Canada / 2010 / 9’


Five short documentaries creatively reflect on the theme of border as a place of separation but also of encounter and intimacy. In all of these films, the border is seen as a frontier between places and human beings, a space of passage, of transition, of symbolic research. Conceived by the second-year students of the DAMS College of Gorizia, these five shorts were created and directed collectively by groups of students alongside with director Tomàs Sheridan, with the assistance of Ludovica Fales.

Murocrazia / Iacopo Baroni, Chiara Maggiore, Piero Modena, Francesca Mottola, Sabina Pituello / Italia / 2013 / 10’02’’
I and Eye / Fabio Menis, Laura Passerino, Carolina Piani, Giovanna Pisacane / Italia / 2013 / 4’10’’
Casa Talotti / Giada Antonelli, Lorenzo Talotti, Enrico Boria, Luca de Angelini, Nicola Borsetta / Italia / 2013 / 8’11’’
La parola di un signore / Luca Fornasiero, Emanuele Lagazzo, Valeria Lucchese, Alfredo Scarpetti, Isotta Mitsue Zanoli / Italia / 2013 / 7’54’’
Tunnel / Gionata Brandolin, Marco Catenacci, Chiara Toffolo, Viviana Verzegnassi / Italia / 2013 / 6’


LGFF is a socio-cultural project in Amantea, a small town in the south of Italy, created by a group of artists from different places of the world who believe in the benefit of working together for others. Thanks to this we will clean up and reopen the Arena Sicoli, an outdoor movie theater closed since 2 years ago. We want to bring the cinema back to the people and the people to the cinema, with the aim of spread the work of local and international filmmakers and also to foster the culture of Calabria.

Special screening of Ensayo sobre el Amor di Giulio Vita