This work mainly consists of two elements: interviews and improvised music. The idea was born out of Eleonora Biasin’s in-depth analyses of improvisation as practice, first as a student and then, in the last year, through the Perceptual Music concerts she gave with singer Enrica Bacchia and percussionist Yannick Da Re: music as free improvisation, often guided by lyrics (poetry, readings): the elements are so mixed up that boundaries dissolve: those between what’s music and what’s not, what’s good to say and what’s bad; as well as between right and wrong, what’s agreed upon and what’s not. A listening experience that stretches beyond judgement. Improvised music plays the lead role in this project; the aim is to deepen the listening and communicative relation that this music implies.

A project by Eleonora Biasin
With the participation of Enrica Bacchia


Arlecchino and Brighella, marzipan and mortadella
The Hansel and Gretel tale is here acted out by the puppets of the Commedia dell’arte. Arlecchino and Brighella play around and get into trouble until they convince Pantalone, who is inspired by the traditional tale, to abandon them in the forest. Here the two eventully encounter the witch. A show devoted to a children’s audience where the puppets are the main characters in the story.


Sior Todero Brontolon
“Sior Todero Brontolon” is the most beloved comedy by Carlo Goldoni of all times. Our version of the work was although radically and disrespectfully rewritten compared to the original text. Some of the (bourgeois) characters were replaced by those of the Commedia dell’Arte and… we even added a doppelganger! Not content with this insolent change, we left one only actor in flesh and bones, the main character, Todero, who acts in a scene of puppets for a belly rumbling funny effect.

Presented by the “PAOLO PAPPAROTTO  BURATTINAIO” Company