Dominga Sotomayor, born in 1985, is already one of the most important directors in the contemporary cinema scene.

An author who, despite her young age and an essential body of work, has managed to leave an indelible mark on contemporary cinema, becoming one of the most recognizable and interesting directors on the independent scene. 

First woman to win the Pardo d’Argento for Best Director at the Locarno Film Festival with Tarde Para Morir Joven, Dominga Sotomayor is a filmmaker capable of contaminating the private with the political through a poetics in continuous transformation, film after film. 

Lago Film Fest, in a central year for the political history of Chile, has decided to dedicate the first retrospective on Italian territory to Dominga Sotomayor, a leading director of the new Chilean cinema, projecting her short films made between 2007 and 2020, six works capable of revealing the talent of the Chilean director and revealing to the viewer unprecedented glimpses of the contemporary.

The retrospective will be available both physically and online.

The program:

Debajo / Dominga Sotomayor / 2007 / Fiction / Cile / 18’

La montaña / Dominga Sotomayor / 2008 / Fiction / Cile / 10’

Videojuego / Dominga Sotomayor / 2009 / Cile/Spagna / 6’

La Isla / Katarzyna Klimkiewicz/Dominga Sotomayor / 2013 / Fiction / Cile/Polonia / 30’

Los Barcos / Dominga Sotomayor / 2015 / Fiction / Portogallo/Cile / 20’

Correspondencia / Dominga Sotomayor/Carla Simón / 2020 / Documentario / Cile/Spagna / 20’