AtelierFraSe is a nomad architectural and design workshop which aims to tell an alternative purpose to the system volume / form / function. The work of AtelierFraSe is developed through a nonstop creative process, in which the role of the designer merges with the skills and techniques of arts and crafts. This is the point of strength of the work of AtelierFraSe: original intentions have in this way full consistency with the final outcome. AtelierFraSe designs and manufactures architectural interventions, as elements of domestic furniture for private dwellings and shops, sets for theatres and shows, sculptures and installations for events and happenings. In 2011 AtelierFraSe moved to London starting collaborating on the realization of set designs for theaters, art installation and site specific interventions for public spaces, always attending in first person to each phase of the creation. Simultaneously, since 2009, AtelierFraSe collaborates with LagoFilmFest, an international short film festival, on the realization of the open air set design.

This year AtelierFraSe with the project “Tabulata”, explores the theme of “trabucco”, “the fisherman great machine, similar to the skeleton of a giant antediluvian amphibian…” as Gabriele D’Annunzio defined it in the Triumph of Death.


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