18 hours of out-of-competition programming divided into fireworks, thematic focuses and special screenings.


Four retrospectives never before shown in Italy for four filmmakers whose visions will light up the shores of the lake, like fireworks during village festivals. From the Caribbean animation of Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat to the dreamlike cinema of Payal Kapadia, from the conceived and represented art of Mitra Farahani to the multiform cinema of Kiro Russo: four journeys into the night illuminated by the light of cinema.


Four paths that circle the globe back to the starting point. The focus on Georgian cinema curated by Alexandre Koberidze; the journey among the new voices of Indian cinema by Payal Kapadia; Profession: cineastз, the Argentine focus that chronicles the fate of fiction cinema in the global deep south; Signesthesia, the selection of films that expands the boundaries of the moving image to sign language.

Special Screenings:

A program of special screenings that outline a first approach to the worlds of the guests who will take part in the eighteenth edition of Lago Film Fest. An in-depth journey that will also highlight some of the longest-running collaborations that the festival has nurtured for years.