Lago Film Fest

9° International Festival of Independent Cinema

19-27 July 2013, Revine Lago (Italy)

It ain’t a joke, this is serious game!

“A window to look throughout myself. A window to look within myself. A borderless place with distant horizons. A place of meetings and discoveries. An opportunity. An inspiration. A reason to challenge oneself. A moment to bring out a little part of myself that otherwise would remain there, dozing. Forever.”

Sometimes you ask yourself what makes you continue, what makes you choose. But then someone writes word like these and so, thanks to the people around you, you understand and remember where you’ve started, why you keep working and where you are heading.

Observing from a distance it is possible to see the whole picture and to understand better. Understand that education and culture, participation e enjoyment are not taken seriously; Art is considered a hobby and so the anger builds up, because we could live just of it: the art of today, daughter of the art of yesterday.

Individual knowledge and growth are the most important things in the world; this is the reason why we go on, because to see a person, young or less so, grow, learn and express himself and herself, gives all the strength we need.

Copertina 2013

Communication campaign