Lago Film Fest

14° International Festival of Independent Cinema

20-28 July 2018, Revine Lago (Italy)

The moon, not the finger.

In June, a rumour started making the rounds: the original Back To The Future cast got together to shoot a fourth episode. When the rumour was revealed to be a hoax, major disappointment ensued, as if its third, extraordinary chapter in the Far West hadn’t been enough of a peak. And yet, the hunger for reboots – and not just film-related ones – is palpable.On the pages of this catalogue, you will find some photos. They are the stages of an unfinished investigation, sightings of phenomena that manifested themselves on the western side of Revine Lago over the course of the past winter. Piles, nests, interlocks that appeared overnight, all of them arranged with the love and psychotic care most of us have lost as we drifted out of childhood, the golden age when a marble is as precious as a parent. People in town wondered who was behind this. Lago Film Fest prepared its next edition, and absentmindedly cared for the moon more than the finger. Which moon were they pointing to, these involuntary sculptures? The obsession for the festival and its past was clear. pages from old catalogues, expired passes and fragments from the past sets were clearly visible. The rest were plain objects, linked to swimming or camping, as if the task was to recreate Beach Party from memory. The moon, not the finger. What’s the difference between an archivist and a hoarder stuffing their living room with out-of-date phone books? Neither can let go of the past; let’s tear some scraps off it as it runs away, they tell themselves, let’s rearrange it and live within it. The idea of locking ourselves in a fort is comforting, but are we really sure Back to the Future IV would be a good idea? Maybe it’s time to clear out the living room and let some light in. The violent, galvanising light of a brand new chapter. Lago Film Fest. Fourteenth edition. Brace yourselves.


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