what is
lago film fest?

A festival set in a magical location that you will enjoy all day round.

Nine full days of cinema, music, dance, food and wine tastings and meetings. A rich and diverse program of events and activities that will surely entertain and enchant you as never before.

Take part in cool events and workshops during the day and take a dip in the lake and enjoy the greenery of the outdoors.

After the sunset, enjoy exciting screenings and live performances on the lake shore, under the enchanting sky over Lago.

It’s time to plan your trip! Find out how to reach Lago and where to stay. You can buy tickets and passes directly on the day of your arrival!

Great independent films from all over the world

Selected from the more than 3,000 films submitted from 86 countries. The animations, fictions and documentaries in competition are grouped by categories, and namely: International, National, New Signs – experimental cinema, Veneto – film productions from the region – and Unicef – the children’s section, with kids often accompanied by their families. In addition to the films in competition, the program also includes retrospectives and monothematic screenings.

Lago Dance Fest

Literally a festival within the festival designed around contemporary dance with a site-specific approach. Dancers from the world over bring their performances to the festival, all designed to be performed in the courtyards of the magical village of Lago. A new performance will surprise you each night of the festival! There will also be special screenings and workshops.

Eat and drink at Lago! Food and wine stall open all nights!

Girini: children forever!

The most curious children will find an entire program dedicated to them. From short films of the Unicef competition, where they are asked to choose the winner, to a rich calendar of shows, workshops and events and special screenings. Every afternoon, before the screenings, the creative workshops with the artists of the festival waiting for the children in Vicolo Sasso in the NIDI space.

Discover the daily events!
Food, magicians, exhibitions and massage

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